Trendy Teen Clothing

The fashionistas are no more limited to models, socialites and working adults. Even teens have graduated from amateur outfits to designer wear. They have grown brand conscious and are very much aware of what is in trend.

Take for instance Anna from Australia who is 15 and wears only denims and tees. She would not get into knitwear or non-cotton materials. Because she is comfortable in her stretch denims that go well with any colour t-shirt. Swati from India says, she will never get into a zipper cardigan or wear yellow. She loves red, brown and other earthy shades and is comfortable in denims, knee length skirts and three-fourths.

Lucy’s mother Philomena says Lucy will never get into any clothes she purchases for her. She would prefer money, so she can pick what she wants.

So what’s new for these under aged models? Well almost everything for girls. Peel on denims, three fourth ruche trousers, edge folded or with piping. Suddenly in 2007, embroidery on denim had become a rage. Everyone had it on their full denims or half. The impact still floats as of today because embroidery is seen on almost everything. Long stitch, embedded stones, and single colours or fully coloured, paintings blended with embroidery and lots more are doing the rounds. Besides there are skirts below the knee, t-shirts with loud neck patterns that are very much in vogue.

If you thought young boys were too busy playing cricket then look again. Give them an opportunity to dress up and you will see them with anti-fit pants, jackets on t-shirts or shirts. Triangular shoes and hair all spiked up. There are a variety of brands catering to them with a variety of colours and fits.

Fashion Clothing – Age is No Bar!

Fashion is a global occurrence that caters to all age groups. Fashion is no more synonymous to women. Over the years, men, women, children and the elderly have become really conscious of what to wear and what not. Fashion is an expression of personal style and glamour.

Men’s Clothing

There has been an impeccable transformation in the way men have started viewing fashion. There has been a complete change in the perception of men as over the years they have been extremely cautious of their appearance and how they present themselves among people. The everyday clothing for men essentially includes a nice comfortable pair of jeans teamed up with trendy T-shirts that make them look extremely relaxed and chilled out. This type of attire looks really cool on young boys who are mostly seen in such apparel. Pastel colored shirts also look really elegant and graceful that can be easily worn on formal as well as semi formal occasions. For their business conferences and other related formal occasions, business suits can be worn that make them look extremely classy and sophisticated. In order to suit several other formal occasions like weddings and dinner parties, tuxedos are perfect that make a man stand out from the crowd.

Teenage Clothing

Teenagers are passionate followers of fashion and the ever changing trends. Jeans is the most favorite piece of attire for all the young. The youth enjoys dressing in bright and vibrant colors that bring out the fun loving aspect of their lives. Young girls have an array of choice from dresses to short skirts that make them look extremely chic and elegant. The young prefers to wear all sorts of colors to bring out cheerfulness and funkiness out of them.

Kid’s Clothing

Kids are no less when it comes to fashion and trends. The latest fad among kids is to wear T-shirts that bear the print of their super heroes or sports persons that instantly attracts a child and lures into buying. Kids are also extremely fond of teaming their attire with several accessories that really compliments their apparel. These accessories may include sport caps, fashionable belts, wrist bands, sun glasses and trendy shoes.

Women’s Clothing

When it comes to fashion and women’s apparel, there is an array of choice that women can choose from. Body type and shape is of utmost significance in order to dress appropriately. Women who are heavy and rounded need to wear dark colors in order to hide their flaws. There is a wide variety of clothing to choose from like skirts of short, medium and full length, flowing dresses, tunics, layered dresses, fitted jeans, floral prints and A-line dresses.

Elderly Clothing

The old people look for something comfortable yet sophisticated at the same time. Such people should not wear flashy and floral prints as these may make them look extremely hideous. They should prefer a much natural look in order to make them look really elegant and graceful. Zippered jackets, trench coats and jeans can give a fresh look. Old people need something sober yet extremely classy that may establish them as an ardent fashion lover. The most suitable colors would be khaki, black, gray and white. There are several patterns that look really good like the all time favorite checks and stripes.

A History of Colors: Recent Trends in Fashion Colors

Over the years, we’ve seen several different colors become trends in the fashion world. Unless you’re familiar with trends in the early 20th century your sight was probably obscured from black and white photos throughout history. However, several of the recent trends in fashion are here today and gone tomorrow, but there are some that can withstand the test of time. Here is a quick look at some of the recent trends in fashion colors:

The Four Seasons

It’s important to understand that there are color trends for every time of year. We all know that wintertime calls for a darker approach while spring and summer bring out those bright and majestic choices. Fall always seems to have a neutral approach, but those who are unique still like to bring bold and beautiful colors to the forefront.

Take a look at some of the recent trends for each of the four seasons:


Those who aren’t normally in tune with the variety of colors on the market usually refer to eight basic Crayola tones. When it comes to the fashion world you definitely have to branch out to names like; Chocolate Truffle, Endive, Golden Glow, Lagoon, Lipstick Red, Living Coral, Oyster Gray, Purple Orchid, Rose Dust, and Woodbine.

Each one of these options are built to help you blend into the season itself, and still provide a certain style that is all your own. Mixing and matching some of these colors in a new outfit or some accessory will help you look like a fashion diva.


When it starts getting warmer outside and the snow disappears, the world is subjected to colors that are beautiful and vibrant. If you want to stand out then consider all the colors that Mother Nature has to offer. One thing we recommend is looking through an amazing flower garden and see the various colors that stand out.

Whether it’s Jasmine, Chartreuse, Azure, Old French Bleu, Beryl, Fuschia, Salmon, or a long list of others; spring time colors can lighten up any room. We consider springtime to be the season where women come out of hiding and show off their true colors for all to see.


Once it starts getting hot outside and there are more outdoor events that take place, the right colors here can help you stand out from other women. Some of the best options over the past few years have been; Cantalope, Croissant, Daquiri Green, Freesia, Golden Olive, Pink Mist, Rococco Red, and Snorked Blue.


Most of the colors you see above during the wintertime can also be worn during the fall. Even though these trends change every year when it comes to clothing styles, the colors usually stay the same. Fall is also a time to bring out those neutral browns and darker “earth tone” colors that can seem ordinary, but very appealing.

While there will always be recent color trends when it comes to fashion, the main goal is to find colors you enjoy wearing. Just because everyone else is sticking to the proper guidelines, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for the same thing. Those who are able to try new colors and pull them off can definitely demand the attention of any room.

Spring/Summer 2014 Color Trends for Men

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to upgrade your wardrobes to include clothing items according to the latest fashion trends. This year’s summer palette for men has some interesting colors that are sure to influence the future fashion scene.

Several themes have been apparent this season that vary from the calm and soothing Placid Blue to the fiery Cayenne. Parallel to the women’s color palette for spring/summer 2014, men’s colors have taken an energetic and mischievous approach too. Designers have thrown in Dazzling blue and Celosia Orange to put across originality and modernization. This year, men’s collections feature Purple Haze and Magenta Purple to create a magnetic look with these mysterious shades of purple. Blends of dark violet and green shades have also been used to create the ultramodern and futuristic look.

As the temperatures increase, we can witness many vibrant themes that combine tropical and bold colors in several areas of menswear. The runways are more multi-colored and vibrant this year, adding a little bit of bright colors to the typical men’s colors. Shades that were once accent – oranges, greens and mustard – are becoming the focal point of many collections which have been displayed for Spring/Summer 2014. These are the assortments of colors that can be seen in any styles of clothing, from denims to jackets, and from footwear to tops. Many designers have paired accessories, including belts and shoes, in bold colors, like Cayenne, Freesia and Celosia Orange, to add a touch of zest to neutral formal attire.

Fashion is entirely about showing your own personality. When upgrading your wardrobe this year, you can be daring and creative and play with the trendy colors to get an absolutely new look. You can pair Placid Blue with Comfrey for a fresh and seasonally inspired look; or create a modernized vintage feel by pairing Purple Haze with Paloma.

However, if you don’t like to wear bold colors, then you can opt for safer colors such as white and sand. This spring/summer many stylists have created all-white ensembles that look absolutely gorgeous. To add a little color to your all-white outfit, opt for a bright color such as Celosia Orange and Freesia to create a fresh look. Sand can also be worn with bold color accessories. Be self-assured this season and flaunt those bold colors or you can tone it down a bit by balancing bright colors with neutrals.

Fashion Latest Trend – Keeping Up and Looking Good

Keeping up with the latest fashion craze is the goal of many women today. However, in the process of trying to look up to date, many become a slave to the fashion latest trend. This doesn’t work well for a number of reasons. First, today’s latest fashion trend may not be the most flattering style for your body shape or coloring. If you are uncomfortable wearing an item of clothing, it is not going to look right no matter what the style magazines may tell you. Finally, keeping up with every fashion latest trend can be expensive. If you love the latest styles but are unsure of how to wear them properly, read on for the best tips a trendsetter will ever need.

Know your Body Type Are you an apple or a pear? Perhaps an hourglass is the best way to describe your figure. No matter what your body type may be, you can find a fashion latest trend that will flatter your figure and look great on you. The key is to choose clothing pieces around your own personal shape instead of simply what is stylish on the racks. If you don’t look good in flared pants, go with a narrower boot cut or straight leg instead. If low cut camisoles and tank tops make you uncomfortable, find similar styles with higher necks or wear a camisole underneath for more coverage. When you feel good about what you are wearing, your clothes are guaranteed to look better on you.

Buy to Coordinate You may love that adorable baby doll tee on the rack, but what happens when you get that fashion latest trend home? You may not have any bottoms in your closet that will coordinate with the color and style, so the top goes unworn in the back of a drawer. If you are planning to dabble in a new fashion style, you will want to make sure the separates you purchase will have something to match up to. That’s why it is generally wise to purchase outfits together, to ensure that you will always have coordinated clothing in the fashion latest trend. It may seem like more of an expense to purchase a complete ensemble, but how much did you spend on that baby doll tee collecting dust in your dresser?

Most women love to dress in the fashion latest trend on occasion or every day. No matter how much shopping you do and how often you keep up on the latest fads, you can choose clothing that will fit you well and flatter you the best. Keep your body shape in mind and purchase the latest fashion trend in a complete outfit to ensure the pieces look good together. With these simple tips in mind, you are sure to step out of your house every day looking your best in the fashion latest trend.

Brief History of Women’s Clothing

Women are considered to be more fashionable than men. In most cases, this assumption is true as women are always concerned about their looks and clothes. Men, on the other hand, do not worry about their looks or wardrobe to a great degree. Given this universal trend and passion of women for their clothing and wardrobe, there always have been some designs and costumes that catch these ladies’ attention and make them compete against each other.

The history of women’s clothing dates back to Roman and Egyptian dynasties. Cleopatra is considered to be the first most beautiful women in the world with her own style of clothing. Gowns, tiaras and other clothing of that time are attributed to Cleopatra. Additionally, Cleopatra was also known for her great taste in clothing that forced her to look for innovations in her dress and accessories.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, women in the rising Persian dynasty adopted the fashion sense and started wearing Roman cloths, with some alterations. They also introduced long frocks to comply with the desert heat of that region. This trend, when combined with the traditional Arab robes, gave way to a colorful yet elegant style of dressing where women kept their faces covered, but made these veils into great display of traditional handicraft, among other things.

Islamic kingdoms introduced their own style of women’s clothing that was inspired by the lands they conquered, but also had the elements of Islamic modesty. Mughal dynasty will always stand out among Muslim kingdoms, as it combined the local women clothing of India and mixed with Persian, Turkish and Arabic style of women clothing. The result was a fabulous amalgam of women’s clothing that included intricate designs, jewels embedded into clothing, gold and silver laced clothing and other great pieces of art that were worn by the women royalty.

Western clothing for women at that time was also undergoing a dynamic change. Women were trying to abandon the old style frocks and maxis and were adopting shorter versions of these clothes. The emancipation of women under the enlightment period offered them great opportunities to change their clothing.

Many women adopted clothing that was similar to males, but with some added features. Pants, skirts and dress shirts became a norm and women started copying male’s clothing in their casual wear too. That was the time when some women started wearing men’s sleeping suits instead of their nighties.

The situation has become much clearer now as women are reverting to old style of clothing, but with some moderation. Frocks and tank tops are again becoming in vogue and many women are turning towards skirts instead of pants. However, Denim remains the most favorite item of women’s clothing, especially the younger ones.

Indian style short shirts, called Kurtis are also making a wide impact in the United Kingdom’s women clothing industry. These shirts are relatively larger than average European short shirt and are embellished with great designs and works of art.

Top Jewellery Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

I love that no matter where you’re going and what the dress code is, that it can take just one fantastic piece of jewellery to make all the difference. Whether big, small, sparkling, subtle or anything in between; the right piece of jewellery can help make any outfit, the perfect outfit.

Like fashion, the jewellery industry is constantly undergoing changes and every season there are always the latest and greatest trends to keep up with! Whether you prefer to keep it simple and stick with what you know or like me, you’re always on the lookout to see what the world’s leading designers now have up their sleeves, it is always fun keeping up with the latest trends.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings have and always will be a part of a woman’s jewellery box but the style is something that can change so easily. Whether you prefer to stick to the timeless classics or not, why not have a look at this seasons upcoming jewellery trends, you never know you might actually find something you like…

  • Statement Earrings- Remember the 90’s trend of mismatched earrings? Well that trend is well and truly back! I remember seeing a lot of women wear one feather earring and one stud and this season you’ll see a very similar style. Some of the biggest designers have released their own takes that include different colours, different shapes and completely different sizes… it’s like we’ve gone back in time!
  • Choker Necklaces- Speaking of going back in time, I can never quite forget the good old days where choker necklaces where worn by anyone and everyone and today, as seen on the runway shows at the biggest Fashion Week’s across the globe; the choker necklace is making a massive comeback. Big named designers have created some amazing pieces that include extra large chokers made from metals, feathers and even gems. Think outlandish, standout pieces and you’ll get the idea!
  • Cuffs- It seems a “bigger is better” theme is running through this seasons jewellery trends as cuffs are making a comeback too! Again, different designers have offered their own takes but there is a lot on offer; from feather and leather watch cuffs to large metal bracelets that have statement slogans, this is definitely going to be a standout jewellery season.

Whether you prefer to stick to the or like to change things now and again; there are always new jewellery trends to keep up with!

I like to consider myself a lover of the classic styles and the unbeatable diamond jewellery but also enjoy paying close attention to what new trends are around whether for a little inspiration or just to satisfy my curiosity and more often than not, I always stumble across something interesting!

Who said jewellery can’t be exciting?

Quality Wholesale Clothing – A Guide to Find Quality Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Are you looking for quality wholesale clothing suppliers? If you own a clothing boutique, or are thinking of venturing into the retail business for quality clothes, the web clothing industry may hold the answer to this question. People always buy clothes, but because of the weak economy they want to purchase fashionable clothes at the lowest possible price. Because of the huge market for clothes, there are many wholesale clothing suppliers offering quality stylish clothing at very low prices. And they are easily found on the Net.

When shopping for clothes, people always look for something fashionable and of good quality. While many name-brand clothes are quite expensive, you can now find a lot of quality clothes being sold at customer-friendly, wholesale prices. Because these wholesale clothing are so affordable, people tend to shop for clothes more often. Also, clothing fashion changes very quickly- another reason why people keep on buying clothes.

If you have your own clothing shop, you will definitely want to find wholesale clothing suppliers who can provide you with quality clothes at low prices. You can find many wholesale providers on the Net. You may find them in your own country, or they may be based internationally. No matter where they are located, chances are they will be eager to provide you with wholesale clothing. Compare prices from different wholesale clothing suppliers and make sure they can deliver. Check out the fashion styles, too. Keep in mind that people buy clothes not only for quality, but also for style, so make sure you know what styles are in fashion.

It is also important to identify what items you want to sell. You may decide to specialize on children’s clothing, women’s clothing, or men’s clothing. Once you have decided on your niche market, find the best possible supplier for that niche. You should know your target market and be able to identify what items are popular at that time.

Get in touch with potential wholesalers. You should be able to contact them readily. Talk to their local representative, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. In fact, the more questions you ask now, the less surprises there will be later on. Any reputable company will be eager to discuss your needs with you. They should have a wide selection of quality items at competitive prices. Compare the prices of different wholesalers and get the best deal you can.

Choosing the best wholesale clothing supplier for you can be difficult, but it is the only way to make sure that you have quality clothes to sell at the best possible prices, so that your customers will keep coming back for more.

How to Be a Trendy Teenage Boy

Finding trendy clothes for boys used to be more difficult in the past than finding nice clothes for girls, but, over the last years we have witnessed an increase in the fashion options available for young men and boys. Clothing companies now offer a wide variety of boys clothes, from casual wear, like long sleeve t-shirts, to sophisticated clothes, tailored suits, etc.

Young boys like to be trendy, too, as much as girls do; especially since being well dressed will make them more popular among their teenage friends; high-school brings out the boys insecurities as to how their peers perceive them. Even though there are more fashion choices to young guys now, they still receive less advice and attention than girls, as regards fashion matters. Trends in clothing for boys do not change as quickly as trends for girls do.

The basics about trendy teen for boys are about being comfortable and still looking good. Here is some advice for boys as to how to become fashionable.

As a rule, each teen boy’s wardrobe should include short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts, jeans, khakis and black trousers, shoes, boots, sneakers, tennis shoes, a few button down shirts, and at least one tie. Discover new ways to look trendy, by combining pieces from your wardrobe in different ways. Have at least one tailored suit in your wardrobe, even if you will not use it often.

Jeans are a must for a trendy look. First of all, they need to be comfortable and look good on you. Skinny jeans are now in fashion; they look stylish if worn with a skinny t-shirt that has a slogan printed on it, related to a band, a movie etc.

T-shirts with images or quotes on them are a nice casual item to have. Short-sleeved or long-sleeved, t-shirts come in a wide variety of styles and motifs now. Polo’s are also a good choice for teenagers to make a good impression.

Wear hoodies if you are a more sports-type young boy; either the pullover versions or the zipper ones are popular choice with teenage boys. Hoodies go well with baseball hats from a favorite team or school. Choose to wear T-shirts with solid colors or bright designs and track pants from sports clothing brands for a trendy look.

Use accessories: ties, belts, scarves, sunglasses, bags, leather jackets. Hats can be very trendy for young boys, when wore with jeans and a jacket. A pair of nice glasses will turn your look into a very trendy one.

It is important to wear clothes that fit. Don’t wear baggy pants if they don’t look good on you, even it ‘everyone else’ are wearing them. And don’t just wear anything that had a certain brand name on it, if it doesn’t look good on you. Don’t wear socks with sandals and turned around baseball hats; that is unfashionable.

Fall Fashion Trends for Women – Look Stylish When You Wear The Latest Fashion Trends

Fall fashion trends always run towards stylish sweaters and scarves. This year we’re seeing tunics and leggings. We’ll pile the layers on our necks and arms, cocooning at home or in the office in style.

So what’s new for fall, and how do we look stylish yet business-like when needed? The good news is the racks are piled high and there’s plenty to make you look great. Here’s the rundown:

Latest fall fashion trends:

o Grey – the ultimate comfort color takes front and center. But wait, the next strong color is cobalt blue – a color that looks great on almost everyone. And it’s a great color for the workplace as well. You can pair grey with cobalt, and other colors such as purple, yellow or green, and even black. It’s lovely to create a POP of color in accessories, such as a handbag, shoes or gloves.

o Cozy textures: The fall runways feature chunky and loopy knits and mohair. Look for anything soft, from cashmere to sensual knits. It’s all about softness and cocooning.

o The V shape is big this fall. It can be either straight up or inverted. You can wear a loose, drapey top with billowing sleeves, paired with skinny pants or leggings. Or, try wide-legged trousers with a tight, cropped top. A new, modern touch is the cape shape. Look for organic shapes, with a rounded bubble hem – anything that suggests a cocoon.

Fall fashion key pieces

o Cardigan coat: A grey cashmere coat is a perfect topper for your tunic. Smart looking, it’s the season’s hot look.

o Tunics: Paired with leggings or lean jeans, tunics are smart looking, and take you from the office to weekend casual. Tunics that hit mid-thigh to above the knee do double-duty as dresses. Words of advice: Don’t pair tunics with high-waisted, wide-leg pants. You’ll have too much volume.

o High-waisted, wide leg pants. Hurray, for women tired of muffin-top pants, we have another option. High-waisted pants with a cropped jacket or knit bolero are big this season, offering a smart alternate for work or casual wear.

o Sweaters: Soft, drapey and feminine, semi-fitted twinsets of v-necks are perfect for the office, paired with tweed trousers or a pencil skirt.

I’d like to invite you to use these tips and ideas to help you create your look this season with the latest fall fashion trends.